Photo Set

Here are just a few photos from activities that have already taken place this month in preparation for World Malaria Day on April 25th.


Morning bike ride commute to work.



Lookin’ sharp! Check out Stomping Out Malaria in Africa’s new flyer. It tells the story of how Stomp grew out of a project between a small group of partners to a 22-country initiative. Thanks Michael Toso for all of the design genius!

Source: stompoutmalaria

Since I haven’t posted in a while I figured now would be a good time while I wait for my food at this peaceful lunch spot near my office.


Sitting in a Ouaga coffee shop where all the burkinabe clients are connected to wifi through MacBook pros, iPads, and iPhones. Amazing how much can happen with technology in 2 years.


Dusty Ouaga


Working on my first assignment- A “snapshot” of malaria activities in Burkina.  Not sure where to begin without being in the country yet, but came across this great map (malaria atlas project) site.  Notice the big red spot in West Africa.  Yeah, that is almost all of Burkina Faso.

Link -


bisso na bisso. getting ready!

Source: SoundCloud / Despaigne